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If your house is like most, the family room was probably designed for a furniture layout focusing on that fireplace.If it didn’t look ridiculous, you probably would put that big screen TV right in front of your fireplace.

Positioning the TV on a shelf to theside of the fireplace lookslike an afterthought and is lousy for TV watching.

Building a TV intoa cabinet does not seem like a good solution either – too manyaccess and heat build-up issues.If you agree with this thought, then having a room optimized for fireplace viewing makes sense.

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Tips to Make Your Fireplace Look More ModernIs your fireplace outdated and boring?FIREPLACE UPDATE IDEA: paint the brass surroundNothing kills a beautiful brick or stone fireplace more than an outdated brass surround.FIREPLACE UPDATE IDEA: retile with peel & stick tilesIf you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to update your old fireplace tile, other than paint, peel & stick stiles are the best way to get a fresh new look.FIREPLACE UPDATE IDEA: paint the mantel & fireplace surroundA wood mantle is not necessarily a ‘good’ mantle.Just remember, you don’t need to completely ‘sand it down’ you need to ‘scuff it up’.

Contemporary & Modern Fireplace Designs with TV Above Mantel

But placing the TV above the fireplace is a choice that involves careful consideration.But, if you have an unusually narrow and small bedroom, then the TV above the fireplace seems like a wonderful idea.

Contemporary & Modern Fireplace Designs with TV Above Mantel
By placing both the fireplace and the TV on the same wall, you are creating an instant focal point.

A couple of bookshelves or some amazing wall art helps add to the charm of the fireplace and TV combo.At the end of the day, putting a fireplace above the TV is a personal choice–do not be forced into it just because the wiring is already in place!

12 Stylish Ideas for Decorating Around a TV Set

But you might not have thought to set one up around your TV set.As long as it feels like a curated collection you can make this TV decorating idea work wonders!

12 Stylish Ideas for Decorating Around a TV Set
The above image is via Temple & Webster and you’ll notice some additional ideas for decorating around a TV set here.

It just goes to show you that you can mix and match a number of these TV decorating ideas and get a phenomenal result.Drop me a comment and share all of yout TV decorating ideas with me and other TLC blog readers.

Putting a TV Above the Fireplace May Not be Such a Bad Idea After All

For the longest time, conventional wisdom has been not to mount your TV above a fireplace.This is a critical point because placing a TV above a fireplace has always been – and remains – an extremely popular mounting option.As stated on, “The impact [that] angle has on your TV picture will depend on the type of HDTV you are running.Again, a pulldown and swivel mount will alleviate this issue, bringing the TV to a level where the viewer is watching it straight on.Many interior designers consider mounting a TV above the fireplace to be a major decorating faux pas.

20 Amazing Fireplaces with TV above

And if you want to hang your TV above fireplace as well, here are some great ideas you can turn to for inspiration.Your room space is limitedWhen your space is limited, you have to act accordingly in order to have great decor.Gas fireplaces are typically way cooler than traditional wood fireplaces.Approved ideas of fireplaces with TV aboveSo now that we have discussed the reasons for adding a TV above the fireplace, let’s take a look at some great ideas for your inspiration.If you can’t stand how TV look you can hide it, like this in the photo above.

Unique Fireplace Fire

Has 2 heat settings (high and low)Will heat a room up to 400 sq.Essentially designed for insertion into your wall, but it can also be mounted on your wall.

Unique Fireplace Fire
Instructions for mounting and install come with the fireplace Insert, and we recommend you follow the simple instructions provided.We recommend placing your Sideline® 50 at least 20” below your ceiling or 12” below your mounted flat screen TV because of its heating feature.

2-YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY ($89):2-year extended warranty (continuation of warranty for 2 calendar years AFTER expiration of manufacturers warranty)Replacement of any non-functioning partsToll-Free Customer Service & Support (English & Spanish speaking) includes cleaning instructions for stain removal, cleaning products, and/or assistance from a professional cleaner or a repair technician.

Cool ideas for mounting a TV over a fireplace in the living room

AdsWe offer you some really cool ideas for mounting a TV over a fireplace in the living room.Mounting a TV over a fireplace – is this even possible?Mounting a TV over a fireplace seems to be a practical, simple and space-saving idea that is quite a challenge indeed.Mounting a TV over a fireplace – ideas for modern interiorsBasically, anyone can carry out a home test and see if the idea of mounting a TV over a fireplace will work or not – just light the fireplace and then measure the temperature of the wall.Check out these frames for TV ideas

The Wood Slat Accent Of This Living Room Wall Is Perfectly

As part of the renovation, the designers paid special attention to the living room wall.Before we take a closer look at the end result, here are a couple of before photos that show how the living room wall was designed originally.The new living room wall has a Scandinavian-inspired design that includes a wood-slatted wall that draws the eye, adds a sense of depth, and surrounds the television and fireplace.On either side of the wood accent wall are built-in white storage cabinets and light wood floating shelves.

The Wood Slat Accent Of This Living Room Wall Is Perfectly
The wood wall also complements a built-in wood bench that’s designed to fit the bay window that overlooks the street.

40 Beautiful Modern Shiplap Fireplace Ideas

40 Beautiful Modern Shiplap Fireplace Ideas; Here are modern and farmhouse shiplap fireplace wall ideas to keep you cozy all year long!Modern Shiplap Fireplace Ideas:Traditional White Shiplap Fireplace WallThe white shiplap fireplace is a great option for anyone who wants to add some rustic charm to their home.

40 Beautiful Modern Shiplap Fireplace Ideas
White Shiplap Fireplace with Rustic MantelVertical Black ShiplapThis black vertical shiplap fireplace is the perfect addition to any room.

White Shiplap Fireplace with Rustic Wood Beam and BrickI love the look of this white shiplap fireplace with a rustic wood beam and brick surround.Natural Wood Shiplap FireplaceHow beautiful is this natural wood shiplap on this fireplace.


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