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How To Style Bathroom Shelves

Once you decide on your bathroom wall shelves styling them should consist of mixing a few pretty items that dual as storage too.My favorite places to shop for these type of items are:TargetHomegoodsWorld MarketThrift StoresWest ElmWhen you are purchasing decorative items for your bathroom shelves keep in mind the size of your wall space and the depth of your shelves so you purchase items that will fit the scale of the shelves.

How To Style Bathroom Shelves
Items to help you style your Bathroom Shelves:Baskets:For example a beautiful basket to hold an extra roll of TPJavaScript is currently disabled in this browser.

Tricks for Styling Bathroom ShelvesYou have your shelves and your decorating elements, now what?

A few of my favorite tips for decorating shelves and how to make your small bathroom have more storage while still looking beautiful!

How to Style Bathroom Shelves Above the Toilet

Our Old Bathroom ShelvesBut those black pendants made me look at our bathroom shelves in a whole new light.Every morning I would get ready for work and I’d stare at those shelves thinking about what needed to be changed.

How to Style Bathroom Shelves Above the Toilet
My storybook would write, “If you give Casey new bathroom lighting….she will want to re-decorate her bathroom shelves.” I’m happy to say that I finally stopped staring at the bathroom shelves, and instead, I started decorating said shelves.

How to Style Bathroom ShelvesI decided to added some sleek black touches to complement the new pendants.

With a color palette of black, white, and a hint of greenery…I was good to go.

How to Masterfully Decorate Bathroom Shelves Like a Pro

Creating the Bathroom Shelves of Your DreamsUpdating your bathroom is one of those projects that can be put on the backburner indefinitely… just me?We needed to do a lot to the bathroom cosmetically – thankfully, we didn’t need to gut it – but one thing I had my heart set on was adding bathroom shelves.How To Decorate Bathroom Shelves: 5 Pro-TipsThis post contains affiliate links.Here are some pro-tips that can really help when it comes to setting up and decorating your bathroom shelves.More Inspirational Bathroom Shelf IdeasBelow, I want to share more examples of some bathroom shelving ideas.

How to Style Your Bathroom Shelves: Easy DIY

First topic: Maggie’s Bathroom Before + AfterSecond Topic: Tips on Styling Bathroom Shelves <– because yes, styling shelves in the bathroom could be a little awkward, yet can make such a difference!By replacing the storage over the toilet with these IKEA shelves, the bathroom seems more open and has a lot more personality.

How to Style Your Bathroom Shelves: Easy DIY
How to Style Bathroom Shelves: We are by no means experts in this topic, however, we’re always willing to share our observations to help a fellow DIY rookie re-create a look they love.

Styling bathroom shelves is really no different.Use actual bathroom accessories as “eye candy”: Accessories add personality & style, but some items that show-off your style could be a little awkward to display in the bathroom.

Bathroom shelves · Little Victorian

In case the title didn’t give it away, I finished the bathroom shelves.Originally, I hung the top shelf way too high and it looked kind of silly, so I lowered that by about 6 inches.

Bathroom shelves · Little Victorian
The original plan was to stain the wood, but they got painted a warm, medium gray instead–you’ll see why next week.

Here’s what they looked like before:As you can see, I also got the baseboard up and patched the gap between the end of the wall and the door frame.Still have to add a cap to the baseboard and paint it, but it’s getting closer!

Simple Ways To Style Your Bathroom Shelves for Spring -

The days are getting warmer and I am ready to refresh some spaces and show you some simple ways to style your bathroom shelves for spring.As we near time to start spring cleaning, it’s time to take down the winter decor, clean, and style some new fresh spaces.

Simple Ways To Style Your Bathroom Shelves for Spring -
You really want items to fit the scale of the shelves, so look for small to medium sized decor items.

Vintage DecorFrom vintage art to a pretty glass bottle, you will see me sprinkle in vintage decor wherever I can.

Thats my tips for how to style your bathroom shelves for spring, I hope this inspires you to decorate yours spaces and have fun while doing it.

25+ Best DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas and Designs for 2021

25+ Bright DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas To Declutter And DazzleFrom repurposed ladders to wall-mounted glass paneled cabinets, there are a number of clever editorial-worthy ways to add some edge to your bathroom while eliminating cumbersome clutter.These carefully selected and curated 32 DIY bathroom shelf ideas are just the beginning; who knows what kind of magic you’ll make with a little imagination and elbow grease?

25+ Best DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas and Designs for 2021
Simply Sleek DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas11.Rope and Swing DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas18.

Scaled To Wood DIY Bathroom Shelf Ideas30.

Simple Styling: Bathroom Shelves

If styling is done well, it can take an ordinary space and with a few touches make it look absolutely extraordinary.As I looked to the main bathroom it was time to refresh the space.Keeping the pine shelves somewhat raw by sealing them with paste wax, placed above our Pendleton towels from the National Park collection.Styling in the bathroom has to be a collision of form and function.By filling the shelves with utilitarian items, that also serve as collections, we keep our styling simple, functional, and well thought through.

Bathroom shelving ideas: 22 stylish wall storage options

The best bathroom shelving ideas add both style and function to your space.Whether you're looking for small bathroom ideas or an expansive master bath, we've got bathroom shelving decor ideas that are suitable for all spaces and can be personalized to your specific needs.So how do you go about selecting a suitable bathroom shelving design you ask.

Bathroom shelving ideas: 22 stylish wall storage options
While pastel shades may suit a traditional bathroom design, spray painting this shelving black, brass or copper will create a luxury bathroom design that'll take little time or money to create.

If you're hanging bathroom shelving on a tile wall, it will take a little bit more foresight.


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