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According to the real estate brokerage, ranch-style homes are known for being single-story houses. The homes – which are also sometimes called "ramblers" – typically have large windows, a low-pitched roof and an open layout.

Hallmarks of a craftsman-style home include "shingles, low-pitched roofs and covered front porches," Redfin reported. According to Redfin, homes built in the contemporary style often have open floor plans, large windows, "inventive designs and simple forms."

Though the modern style is similar to contemporary, modern-style houses feature asymmetrical exteriors and flat roofs, Redfin reported. Most commonly found in the New England region of the U.S., Cape Cod-style houses can be identified by their symmetrical design, steep roof, wood siding and shutters, according to Redfin.

Homes in the colonial style tend to be two or three stories, have brick or wood exteriors and "decorative doorways," the company reported. The cottage style is set apart by its "steep, thatched roof, arched doorways, shuttered windows, and a warm storybook character," Redfin reported. According to Redfin, Mediterranean-style homes are identified by their "low-pitched red tile roofs," as well as their U-shaped floor plan and stucco or adobe exteriors.

Redfin reported that the hallmarks of a farmhouse include wraparound porches, wood floors and clapboard siding. According to Redfin, the mid-century modern architectural style started after World War II. Redfin described the Victorian house style as "a colorful dollhouse with romantic and distinctive features."

According to the company, Victorian houses have "elaborate detailing," gabled roofs, bay windows and a front porch. According to Redfin, Victorian homes are popular in Boston and San Francisco. The real estate brokerage said that townhouses often have two or three stories, a rooftop deck and spacious layouts.

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