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The idea came in as we were framing the space in on stories as a bonus room and a few followers recommended making it our closet. (You can see our last closet here where we kept them relatively out of the box, with the exception of some crown molding and filler pieces.)

Our closet now, we decided to go all out, trimming them out, painting, adding drawer fronts and hardware and a few other fun details. We have been diligently chronicling the process every step of the way, so if you’ve missed a how-to part of the closet coming together, check out these posts (all of the sources are listed at the bottom!)

How to Use the IKEA PAX Wardrobe Planner + Our Master Closet Moodboard Full Length Mirrors Aren’t Just For The Closet + Designing ours and a Roundup of Favorites

Master Closet Update: Building up the Wardrobes, and a Photoshop Rendering Master Closet Update: Filling Holes, Adding Trim, and Nixing the Ceiling Beams

Adding Custom Fronts to the IKEA PAX Closet System Drawers

We also put together a short video of the closet coming together from the very beginning (adding the ceiling to the music room!). Fun fact: I usually choose what jeans I’m going to wear before my shirt! I sent fabric (linked at the bottom) to Martha & Ash to have them made and I want them for every room in the house now.

This is the most ideal spot to sit and do make-up with all the natural light! But I’ve also already finished a few blogs posts quietly from this desk–turns out, this closet is a very peaceful, beautiful place to perch.

It turned out differently than I originally imagined in my head in a good way.

It’s really our dream closet and my favorite part is that it was wasted space previously.

We added square footage without bumping out any walls and we gained an entire closet…or does this qualify as a dressing room!


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