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Navy blue is a classic and lately it has been trending in both fashion and home decor. Navy is a great option is you want depth but aren’t willing to go as deep and dark as black. Add some texture with pillows and a throw blanket, mix some pattern and print and we love the modern floor lamp in gold finish – it all works so beautifully together and it has a cool style in classic tones. Look at the shape of the headboard and finished in navy velvet very chic and then paired with glass lamps and the geo print shams and duvet with just a pop of orange – it’s perfect!

We actually did a commercial office and painted some accent walls in Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore – it’s amazing!! This navy tufted over sized ottoman is the life of the party in this soft neutral room.

We love it’s function but also how it pops in the space (to bridge it all together, a few pillows with some navy would be perfect) We love the navy blue lower cabinets in this kitchen – again a great alternative to black or espresso stain. It looks amazing with the oversized stainless steel pulls and against the white – the whole kitchen looks so bright. It’s fun and if you get bored it’s an easy room to update and switch up but if you have fabulous wallpaper why would you want to? This navy and white zebra print wallpaper is not for the faint at heart but for those who love to be noticed this is for you! So it is a great option for a boys’ bedroom – it is a neutral tone that he can grow up with even as his tastes change.

we are big fans of light colours on bedroom walls but we do love this room – the navy with nail head bed looks great with the white and beige bedding but it would also look great with Kelly Green or Candy Apple Red, too. The pops of orange and the natural wood tones in the room make it stylish and perfect for a boy!

We absolutely love how this navy trellis pattern gives life to this soft neutral room. The rug colour and print is echoed with an accent lumbar pillow in same tones but slightly different pattern – but it’s all chic!

Navy is becoming one of our go-to’ s in home decor – it works every time and we love it in every way!

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