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I’m so excited to share the details about our DIY custom walk-in closet that is so affordable and easy to install! I am giving Dion (my hubby) 100% of the credit for sourcing this amazing closet system, installing it and customizing it for me.

I’ve always admired how they can go into their gorgeous closets and pick out outfits with ease! But that’s reality TV and most of us don’t have a walk-in closet the size of a small bedroom!

It was a really odd shape with some built-ins that weren’t functional – the drawers didn’t pull out (always would get stuck). These are the drawers that were super problematic – always getting stuck when trying to pull them out and not the most optimal for storing clothing.

We wanted to fix this so we removed that hallway cabinet to create more space in our walk-in closet. When we first moved in we made some minor adjustments to the closet system, updated the flooring, baseboards, added a light and lived with this for 2 years until we decided it was time to tackle this project! To think this space didn’t even exist prior to us demoing the hallway cabinet!

We also updated our flush mount light in the closet – with 1 bulb it was giving off a warm glow and needed to be brighter. We re-purposed our previous laundry room flush mount light and it fit our closet space perfectly! I have a full video tour I’ll be sharing on my IG highlights so check there for it!

Stay tuned for more closet organization and the official after with all of our clothes and my styling touches! Have the right tools handy – pencil for marking, screwdriver, large level, drill, stud finder. Dion also said to initially organize all the pieces of the closet system – he said it was like putting together a big puzzle but very easy and doable!

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