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While it is an ancient trend, many newbies did not hear about it until it started getting a lot of attention on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Fads of this movement hope to bring nostalgia and quirks that help reminisce the rural way of life in an old cottage. 2020 is the year you will forever remember for minimal outdoor activities and a lot of time within your homes. During the last year, a significant resurgence in crafts and activities such as baking, gardening, painting, pottery, etc., became odd of the day. Resorting to fresh or dried flowers in vases brings out the cottagecore design more naturally. If your skill in handcrafting is not yet perfect, outsourcing items from talented friends or local stores.

Vintage themes to draw nostalgic memories are also a crucial part of the cottagecore concept. The best items include second-hand pieces, especially those passed down by family members, as they trickle down sentimental values and special memories.

The use of organics such as cotton, wool, linen, etc., materials for your pillows, rugs, table settings, and bed lines is a perfect way of achieving luxury.

White electric fireplace with mantel are drastically replacing the old methods of warming living spaces.

Since everyone is engrossed in the cottagecore trend, you are probably searching around for a means of keeping warm that marries with your newly adored movement. Why are the classic electric fireplace mantel of MagikFlame most suitable for achieving cottagecore trends?

Cottagecore fads are always wondering whether they can acquire an electric fireplace for their home while adhering to their dear love of the concept. An entertainment center with an electric fireplace tv stand and bookcases is a suitable idea.

If you are in the process of building a new home or looking to remodel your old house, you realize that cottagecore offers a viable solution to your aesthetic needs at the stage of interior design. While several companies offer mantels at different prices, some brands stand out in achieving that cottagecore look you desire. You only need to plug-in the appliance into an electrical outlet and slide it into a mantel design of choice. In addition to a coil, an electric fireplace has a small fan located either on the interior or exterior side of the unit.

It is responsible for aiding in the increasing heat penetration and circulation of warm air in the room. An electric fireplace is the most preferred option for a new home, remodel, and generally all residential living spaces interested in achieving a luxurious, cozy, and comfortable feel. Additionally, commercial places, especially restaurants serving espresso, hotel lobbies, and hospitality environments, are adding an incentive for their clients by introducing electric fireplaces. If you are using the conventional fireplace, you need to spend regularly on the annual costs of sweeping and maintaining your chimney.

When using an electric fireplace, you will have excused yourself from the costly aspects of using conventional forms of heating your living space as you are not obliged to law requirements of obtaining permits and inspections. There are different types of electric fireplaces; however, the concept of how these appliances function is ideally similar.

An electric fireplace eliminates the need for a chimney or venting since it does not produce a real fire or smoke. The eliminated need for a chimney is to the advantage of n white electric fireplace with mantel user since they add up to the costs of achieving a warm space. The mirrors produce a reflection of LED lights that simulates a real flame behind the log set.

The holographic electric fireplace uses the newest technology by MagikFlame to simulate a flame that you can hardly differentiate from the real one.

The difference is that instead of burning gas or wood, a combustible fuel, the gel is usually electrically burnt to produce heat. Characteristics of a mechanical electric fireplace include low prices, defective components, and are simple to manufacture.

The water-based fireplace design is patented by the few manufactures in the market hence a rare commodity to find. The water-based fireplace does not produce an LED flame but rather an illusion of real fire through tinting by halogen lights when the water droplets rise in the air. The trick is that the set of log displays on the cavity of your MagikFlame 28” insert has LED lights that create the look of smoldering embers through realistic flickers and pulsates. The quality of flame production is the central aspect that attracts enthusiasts of this type of technology. While basic types adjust the heat using a low, medium, or high setting provided, advanced types of fireplaces have a variable thermostat that controls the heat output and flame brightness either by dialing your smartphone, using a remote control or the touch screens provided. Before walking into a supermarket or a shop to purchase your white electric fireplace with mantel, it is always advisable to research the various models available.

An adjustable thermostat to control the flame brightness and heat settings earn you a unique level of efficiency when using an electric fireplace. Heating a section of the house instead of a whole system is a great way of accumulating massive annual savings.

A fireplace fitted with a chimney loses more than eighty percent of the entire heat produced.

If you adhere to the model’s guidelines on its use, instructions on maintenance, and installation procedures, you are assured of maximum safety when operating this heating system. When using wood, the air moves upwards, causing dust and any other allergic particles to blast. Accumulating these allergen particles creates a very uncomfortable living space, especially if you are allergic or have sinuses.

With electric fireplaces, this cleanliness and air quality issue are not present since the system is automatic. The dangers of gas leaks and the emission of hazardous fumes are always a safety precaution issue raised by many.

Additionally, the mantel covering the electric firebox is a non-conductor of heat; hence, it cannot burn your pets and children when they touch.

Since you are interested in the cottagecore concept for your home decor, understanding the various forms of electric fireplaces is helpful in decision making. To achieve a match with your living space, use a white wash to paint your wooden or faux stone mantel. Other aspects that make the MagikFlame a suitable choice of mantel in southern enterprises include:

The most suitable mantel package to choose from depends on the quality of wood and materials used also on your fireplace insert. To achieve a furniture-grade mantel package for your premium electric fireplace, ensure that you select wood of high quality.

Cottagecore fads that are interested in a hand-carved appearance and mantel package should choose the MDF core. However, the MDF selected for this choice needs embellishments of natural wood grain veneer and hardwood crown molding. What factors determine the choice of the electric fireplace and mantel package to choose for your living space? The height of authenticity provided by the holographic compared to using water or gel-based electric fireplace offers a perfect choice of luxury.

Aesthetics, mode of control, and heating offered by your flame of choice determine your budget towards your white electric fireplace with mantel. While infrared quartz is an expensive option of an electric fireplace heater but an appropriate choice for supplemental heat for rooms as large as 1000 sq.

Provided your heater does not blow heat upwards but through the front, mount your TV above the fireplace is safe and offers an aesthetic appeal.

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