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Depending on your log home interior, you may have to convey your decorating themes through the furniture rather than with wallpaper, posters, or paintings. The bedding, curtains and rugs can express each kid's individuality, as can mobiles, cabinets with open shelves or closet doors.

Although a full round log has some limitations when hanging artwork, there are special wall hangers that will accommodate pictures and shelves.are the next fun place to decorate.

The use of red and black check blankets, faux animal rugs, lanterns, and maybe an Adirondack dresser will give your guests the mountain lodge feeling.

They'll likely want to plan for a west-facing bedroom," says Patricia Keller Wiseman, of Wiseman-Keller Design in Colorado.regardless of its placement, does indeed matter. For instance, would you be willing to plan the room around a queen-size bed instead of a California king in order to have more traffic space?Can you go wrong when you decorate a bedroom?

Here are a few pointers, though, based on good taste and practicality:If you have the space, incorporate a chair, bench or other “sitting” piece for dressing.Consider your windows, and whether or not you might need window treatments for light control and privacy, and then consider style.Incorporate several "layers of light" (fans, ceiling recessed, lamps, or rope lights).If you plan on a TV in the boudoir, think about placement, and either make a specific spot designed just for media or conceal it when not in use.Put exercise equipment in the bedroom unless you absolutely cannot avoid it.

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