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The designs today focus on black as the predominant color throughout the house and it shows you to balance the use of it, be it in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even bathrooms! Maxiup House visualized by Stephen Tsymbaliuk is the perfect balance of naturally brown elements with modern black fittings. The green accent plants are given emphasis by using subtle highlights, creating a pop of color within the earthy tones. Often we find that the interior of the house and its exterior are designed separately, that the color scheme and theme chosen for the outside are not reflected on the inside. The Beira Mar House is a 2.5 meter wide home that inverts the traditional logic by having a bright white exterior with muted dark interiors. The Z House is a gabled home located on a steep Italian Alpine slope with strategically placed windows that showcase the beauty of the surroundings while retaining the privacy of the user.

The strategic use of black with natural wooden textures provides a calming contrast to the colorful exteriors, with the fireplace adding more comfort to the overall feel of the house. Creating one of the most beautiful places to quarantine in, designer Oksana Petrovska mixes hobbies and comfort with ease.

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